Frequently Asking Question

General about Clipers

What is CLIPERS?

Clipers is a revolutionary app designed to make your life easier by seamlessly connecting you with a wide range of services right in your neighborhood

Where CLIPERS build?

Indonesia for web 2.0 products super app and Cardano block chain for Web 3.0 products 

What's the business concept of CLIPERS?

We create a super app and generate profit from the sale of subscription services and every transaction made inside the app, as well as ads and so on.

What products do CLIPERS have on Web 3.0?

Clipers has several NFT collections, such as Airdrop NFTS, Genesis Pass, and Clipers main NFT collection and Token (soon).

How valuable are CLIPERS products for holders?

We are a startup company that is optimistic about having a valuation to become a unicorn company in 2028 that develops in the 4th largest market in the world.

When is CLIPERS NFT minting?

  • Medal of Loyalty – Currently Live
  • Genesis Pass – TBA
  • Main Collection – TBA

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